Malad Stake Office Building

The Malad Stake Office Building, located on the corner of Bannock Street
and 100 West, was used as the Malad Stake headquarters from 1911 until the new
Stake Center was constructed in 1953 on the corner of 400 West and 200 North.
(That building is now a ward meeting house for three wards.)

Prior to 1911, the headquarters of the Malad Stake were in Portage, Utah. At
a meeting of the Malad Stake High Council held at Malad City on July 28, 1911,
the decision was made to move the headquarters to Malad City. This move was
made soon afterwards, and steps were taken immediately to erect a stake office
building in Malad. This building, erected at a cost of $4000 plus $800 for the lot,
was dedicated on September 15, 1911, by Bishop David A Smith.

When it was dedicated, the building was one of the first in Malad to have a
hot air furnace. It was a brick building with three rooms and vault on the main
floor, two rooms in the basement, and one room upstairs. A baptismal font was
built in the basement, which was the first indoor font in the stake. For the first
time, it was no longer necessary to break the ice on the water at Samaria Springs or
on the Malad River for baptismal services.

After the Malad Stake offices were moved to the new Stake Building in
1953, the building sat vacant for several years and then was sold to private owners,
who used it as a pizza parlor, restaurant, teen gathering place, storage building, and
catering business.

Malad Idaho Stake Centennial, Malad 1888-1988.